Paws on Pause

What if… what if we could go beyond three dimensions   Paws on pause what if I cut my nails to touch you with electric fingertips   What if there were no scratches on your back just fingers replicating webs non-threatening circles of generous warmth   What if instead of sitting on your face, stifling […]

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I walk alone beneath a drunken sky freckled with stars cigarette smoke covering the curve of lonely lips my mind wrestles itself reaching for the face of the man I own, my favorite place to sit  

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When she touched me  My feet left the ground When she kissed me  I felt it in my knees  She pulled away and  right then I was spellbound My heart was running  All I could feel was  pound, pound, pound

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Office Heat (Part 3)

By the end of the week Mr. Montgomery was present but absent, tirelessly thinking of Eve. “If work comes first when do I?” He was too transfixed to bother her about the proposal so Eve worked in blissful solitude, some days not leaving her office at all. May 30th was the day of the presentation. She arrived […]

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Intricate Co-dependence

At first we were nectarine dreams and super nova kisses soothing vacant screams We smiled in the dark embracing the thought Oh the thought, that our shadows shall no longer be apart, be alone in the dark We merged our madness, the two of us eternally bound like embroidery to skin. Together, we muted the […]

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Everyone likes to feel thought of be the target of earthquake glances skyscraper gestures and grand declarations… You, my darling are the alphabet, 
and I?  Merely 
an occasional poet

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Physics of Desire

The moment he holds you like you can’t get close enough is the beginning of good stuff The moment you feel the magnitude of the connection and you simply can’t stay too long without being  being together, atom to atom  The moment you recognize desire  so explosive it could ground gravity for good. Is the […]

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