Perplexed by the paralysis

of my tongue,

I want him pinned down,


and bound

I can’t wait to stroke it,

fondle his fear,

tap stilettos beside

his ear

Dear Darkness,

I want him. And

I’ll try not to break him

while he hovers


ecstasy and existence

And when I Iet him come

back to reality

he’ll see me lick the

remnants of a furious

harvest from my hand


• Art by @Aliciarihko •

Ashes of Men

We look at each other

with a ruthless lust… I can’t

promise you anything, but

could my tender touch for

one night be enough? I’ve

seen you on your knees, but

not for my pleasure. You’ve

called me a goddess, though

you only see me at my leisure

You haven’t seen me in action

Aroused with a whip in my hand

The awoken dragon. You haven’t

seen the ashes I’ve made of men