I finally know what it’s like to be DP’d

I’m very new to butt play, and for me it’s kind of like learning a new language. I’m not perfect at distinguishing what feels good or isolating specifics when something is inside me. But what I do know is I very much enjoy sensations on top of sensations, the more the better.

My DP experience included a teeny tiny plug slightly thicker than a skinny tooth brush, but in the flesh-like material that is very adaptable to my body. It was that in my ass, a finger in my pussy, and a vibrator on my clit that created this new world of sensations for me.

With the toy alone in my ass, I almost feel dizzy. I can feel it but I can’t localize it like I can with something in my pussy. It’s hard to take by itself because my body struggles between wanting to push it out and relaxing to take more in. But with the other stimulation in place, my body is too distracted by all the pleasure to clench up and focus on fear.

So it’s easy for pleasure waves to transfer to the ass and make it feel more pleasurable too. Eventually it felt so good that I could keep plug in without a problem. And that’s when it happened, something that I’ve seen in films but never thought I would experience myself — the double penetration.

I was face down with my back arched and ass tilted towards him. With the plug in place and snug, he took out his finger and inserted his cock. I felt so full. He started to move in and out, nudging the toy with his cock with each motion. It was immense, the sensation of him and something else inside me. Small as it was, it was very noticeable and quite often I felt like I was so close to coming that I’d fucking explode. For me, DP was like extended edge play, an exquisite experience.

What if…

what if we could
go beyond

three dimensions

Paws on pause

what if I cut

my nails to touch

you with electric fingertips

What if there were no

scratches on your back

just fingers

replicating webs


circles of generous


What if

instead of sitting on your face,

stifling you with my

warrior woman essence,

I ease you against the wall

kneel before you

and peel the pants

from your hips

my mouth watering

as I look at you,

as I admire you


Darling, you’ve always looked

good in melancholy, but tonight

I need you naked for me

Relax and just let me

cut down your walls and

caress your folly

Tonight, we take your pleasure

seriously. Ricochet your orgasm

in my hand. The music of your soul

now in my field of vision

Tap into that maple inside of me

Free yourself entirely of the misery

Tonight, we take your pleasure seriously

Proper Proportions 

One minute before midnight,

I could feel you on my skin

Goose bump covered tendrils

Your voice sinking in. You don’t

need to touch me to get in

It’s the feeling, it’s the feeling,

It’s the feeling – tingles on raw

skin; like we’re dancing,

Swaying; transported through

sayings and you talk so well

With a delightful edge of unreality

As if the two of us were living

Out a piece of fiction