5 Reasons to Date Older Men

Who would have guessed that Dating Services would become a multibillion dollar a year industry? Nowadays we’re more desperate for love and companionship than ever before and with the Internet Revolution in full swing, finding a date is as easy as downloading an app and swiping right. Sadly, the dating ground is a mind-fuck of a mess littered with fuckboys, entitled men, and worse of all – insecure man child’s who need a submissive woman for validation. What’s a girl to do to get some good dick, companionship, and possibly find love? I’ve come to the conclusion that dating older men is a great way to avoid all the bullshit that is modern day dating. Here are 5 reasons why you should date an older man.

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I see you’re in South Korea right now
and I realize it could’ve been us

under the moonlight pressed for time
and pushing for it to be done

you and I side by side in the Asian sun

I wonder what it would be like
though I’m sure I already know:

Moments of stillness, polite sex,
and kisses without tongues.

That’s why I refused you

•Art by Instaphazed•

Time Races Forward

When you love

You are uniquely vulnerable

You lay claim to a man like

A queen claims a nation

You crave his flesh, his affection,

his unyielding devotion

Nothing quite prepares you for

the moment he turns his back

The moment he checks his watch

He’s set time free — cutting the bounds

You both used

To hold it still

To keep it chained

To the bed

• Art by @eroticartdrawing •

Hobbies/ Mutual interests

We don’t have any hobbies 

like normal guy girl stuff

that we engage in 


we just like to fuck

when we come together 

but we don’t just come to cum 

We come to indulge in each other

We don’t own each other 

So the fear of falling is 

sweeter, much larger

than the fear of losing 

one another.