Watch Me

I’m no longer his disciple

I’m Master now

Me, metaphor morphed

into reality

Me, with subjects at my feet

My hands unbound

To devastate their bodies

With pleasure and pain

With Passion

Come tear off my


Darling please

Wet your fingers

In my mouth

Won’t you please

I like it when

You are here

On your knees

Run your fingers

Through my hair

Can’t you please

Haunt me please

Want me please

Darling please


Perplexed by the paralysis

of my tongue,

I want him pinned down,


and bound

I can’t wait to stroke it,

fondle his fear,

tap stilettos beside

his ear

Dear Darkness,

I want him. And

I’ll try not to break him

while he hovers


ecstasy and existence

And when I Iet him come

back to reality

he’ll see me lick the

remnants of a furious

harvest from my hand


• Art by @Aliciarihko •

Writer’s Eye

I’m an observer,

but I’m not judging

Show me

your darkness,

your deviant,

your divine

I’ll put you to paper


than you are in your mind

Show me chaos

your build-up

to the hurricane

How majestic you are

gathering things

Searching for a flashlight

like it’ll give you wings

Fuck with Sense

Meaningless sex doesn’t appeal to me

Sex for the sake of motion

Without emotion

Faked orgasms

Or worse, orgasms faintly felt.

Oh, no, Darling

I’d rather fuck with sense

I mean, really fuck

with your senses

Influence how you feel

claim your sight

as you lay there

draped in desire

heartbeat climbing higher

See, anticipation is key

All that teasing

builds up to decadence

See me, I use sex like drugs

to expand my consciousness

Another body on my body

For a deeper understanding