Perplexed by the paralysis of my tongue, I want him pinned down, tied, and bound I can't wait to stroke it, fondle his fear, tap stilettos beside his ear Dear Darkness, I want him. And I'll try not to break him while he hovers between ecstasy and existence And when I Iet him come back … Continue reading Soliloquy 

Office Heat (Part I)

He calls her in his office for the third time today. Arms crossed, ass slightly planted on the edge of his desk, he’s positioned in front of her intended seat. Exasperated, she goes to him. She lingers in the doorway with one hand on the wall    “Yes, Mr. Montgomery?” Her stubbornness torments him. He shifts … Continue reading Office Heat (Part I)

The Art of Seduction (Part I)

She watched his jaw drop  open with an eager stare  Then she smiled at him That grin, that grin  laced with guilt and understanding like he saw her steal something  and she keept moving  knowing he won't say a thing  That grin, that grin  Captured by her gaze  The accomplice to her sin  With a … Continue reading The Art of Seduction (Part I)